There are truths we know but pretend to not know because in blindness often lies comfort. Whoever said ignorance was bliss must have meant exactly this. Self-realizing truths are not pleasant to accept nor follow. They are dismissed as ‘ideals’. Good to hear.

We seek peace and happiness in the wrong places. We have misplaced priorities, but we refuse to acknowledge them as misplaced. We live in shallow waters, afraid to delve the deep, fearful of the underwater creatures. But isn’t it in these depths that the corals and the pearls lie too?

It is in the background of this understanding that I started ‘Daily Dose of Plus’, more as reminders of truth to myself. These are thoughts that occur during the course of my daily routine, from predicaments and solutions, from chaos and calm, from mundane moments that make up this daily existence a jolly good ride of good and bad.

These are insights that emerge from the core, the inner sanctum and carry no trace of pretension or pomp. Nothing ‘intellectual’ about it. Just simple little things that make my life a kaleidoscope.

Sharing it with others is only an extended act of my own ways to find peace. Because I believe that when we light a candle for ourselves, we also spill light to others who wish to quell the darkness.

These are not ‘quotes’. These are core beliefs. They are not meant for entertainment. They are meant to be contemplated. And if they resonate with the self, imbibed.

Each Daily Dose works as panacea to me. They sort my knots. I sincerely hope it works for you too.

Asha writes. She coaches. She does both so that she may learn to navigate life with words and impart the lessons she learnt to others to transform their lives.